Fast Frictionless EPOS for Pubs, Bars and Restaurants

The ServedUp platform gives you the tools to grow your business - serve your customers fast via our mobile order and pay solution.

Card payments? Mobile Ordering? Waiter Service? No problem - we have you covered!

ServedUp EPOS Hardware Range

The mobile order and pay solution trusted by 1000s of UK Bars, Pubs and Restaurants

What is ServedUp?

ServedUp is an all-in-one EPOS solution which is built to help scale hospitality businesses by speeding up service, reducing staff costs and driving additional revenue. 

By combining the UK's fastest mobile order and pay solution with next generation POS and card payment devices, we help streamline venues to better serve their customers and make operations easier for your staff.

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Why 1000s of venues love ServedUp

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Systems built to be reliable
The ServedUp systems operate with 99.9%+ uptime, with unlimited scaleability. When things get busy, you know you can count on our mobile order and pay solution.

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Always innovating with you
Our UK technology team have years of experience building products for hospitality. We build things fast, and do our very best to incorporate user feedback.

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Always available
We have 24/7 customer support available to help your venue should problems arise, and our account managers are also on hand to help grow your business.

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We help grow businesses

Venues using the ServedUp mobile order and pay solution see average food and drinks spend per head rise by over 30% and an increase in Tips by up to 50%.


No joining fees + Free Hardware* (Save over £5000)

*Small deposit required which is refunded after 1000 transactions


Built for speed, our solutions work seamlessly together

  • ServedUp POS

  • Mobile Order & Pay

  • Waiter PocketTill

  • Powerful Dashboard

ServedUp EPOS Till and Card Reader

Fast POS to run your venue and easy card payments

The ServedUp mobile order and pay solution allows you to streamline processes in your venue, helping to reduce costs. With ServedUp waiting staff only need to run drinks to the table and clear glassware - everything else is taken care of by software. 

You can now have flexibility with how your customers order. Bar queue to long? Staff called in sick? Want to offer a more personal experience on certain nights? No problem, with the ServedUp mobile order and pay solution you can choose between 3 different ways to order food and drinks, or combine them to ensure your customers are getting the experience they deserve.

ServedUp Customer Menu and QR Sticker

Boost Revenue by 30% with the market leading ServedUp Mobile Order & Pay solution

Ease of ordering is directly associated with consumption rates. It is estimated that food and drinks spend per head at establishments with ServedUp is 30% higher than at those not using ServedUp.

Customer experience is also dramatically improved. Real time operation means speed of service is maximised - guests even comment on how quickly their drinks are served. On top of this, customers are more likely to order another round of drinks if they know that it will only take a few minutes for them to arrive.

ServedUp Pocket Till EPOS Hardware

Take orders & payment easily at the table, all connected into one system

With our mobile order and pay solution, customers can now order food and drinks and pay in a matter of seconds when they enter your venue. This significantly reduces the amount of time to get a first drink in a customer’s hand,  which means they have extra time to purchase more later on.

We have been able to reduce venues’ average waiting time for a first drink to under 2 minutes - that’s more than 50% quicker than before ServedUp!

ServedUp Venue Dashboard, QR code sticker & Printer Terminal

Run your entire operation through the ServedUp dashboard

Adjust menus in real time, and update them automatically across every device. 

See all orders and reports from your venue to track performance.

Built by leaders in hospitality to help give you the edge

ServedUp has been built alongside some of the best pubs and bars in the UK, creating a platform which gives you the tools to help grow your business.


Next Generation Smart POS

Our cloud based POS streamlines your operations and connects all orders into the same system, saving you thousands of pounds on hardware and software licences. 

All hardware is provided for free, with just a small deposit required.

ServedUp EPOS Hardware Range

Integrated with the UK's fastest mobile order & pay 

ServedUp is the most frictionless mobile order and pay solution for consumers. The quicker it is to order food and drinks, the quicker it is to order again, leading to increased spend per head.


Rewards & Offers Platform

Claim offers from brands and be rewarded for your venue’s performance. 

Earn thousands of pounds in extra revenue per month through menu sponsorship.

ServedUp Venue Dashboard

How it works for venues

1. Order at Bar, Table or Mobile

The customer gets to choose which ordering method they'd prefer. 

2. Payment is taken securely

Whether via the customers mobile or physical card we use the most secure payment technology to give you peace of mind.

3. Orders sent directly to bar & kitchen

Your staff must simply complete the list of outstanding food & drinks orders and deliver to customers.

How ServedUp helps your venue

Increase Speed to Serve

We have built the fastest and most frictionless ordering experience for your customers. Giving them the choice of heading to the bar or ordering at their table, speed is at the heart of everything we do.

Staff Love ServedUp

It’s not just customers who love our mobile order and pay solution, staff do too - it helps them continue to give great customer service, even when things are at their busiest!

Improve Capacity of your Venue

By allowing customers to order through multiple channels you can continue to serve customers fast - and again, you can do so even when you're really busy!

Save managers time

Remove the tedious admin tasks of operating an old EPOS system from your managers , giving them more time to help grow your business.

Increase Spend per head by 30%

When customers order via a mobile order and pay solution they receive drinks faster, they are more likely to order more often, and our beautifully designed menus increase average customer spend too.

Reliable system

The system operates with 99.99% uptime. Things rarely go wrong with our mobile order and pay solution but if they do, we have a UK technology team on hand to fix things fast.


One Solution, Multiple Uses


Let your customers order and pay for food and drinks via a QR code on their tables. No App to download - checkout in 15 seconds.


Accept card payments and take orders, all on robust POS devices.


Let your waiters take orders and payment directly from tables.


Customers can order from anywhere in your venue and collect at designated service areas of the bar.

*ServedUp hardware refunded after 1000 transactions