10 signs you've chosen the best Mobile Order to Table Solution

Mobile order to table solutions have boomed over the past year, as hospitality venues look to future-proof themselves and respond to rapidly changing demands

But what makes a good mobile ordering solution? And how do you know if yours ticks all the right boxes?

In this article, we’ll be answering those questions, as we break down the top ten signs of a mobile ordering solution that seriously delivers. 

And not to toot our own horn, but we’re proud to say that ServedUp meets every single one of them — but don’t just take our word for it! 

The signs of a mobile order to table solution that won’t let you down

  • Customers and staff love using it 

If your customers and staff genuinely enjoy using your new system, that’s a great starting point. Your staff might comment about how easy it is to use, and your customers might have some fun with it by sending surprise orders to their friend’s table.  

As well as looking out for signs like these, you should also actively ask your customers and staff for their feedback. If they’re happy, that’s one box you can tick.  

  • Easy to set up and integrates with your existing POS system

The best mobile order to table solutions are easy to set up and will seamlessly slot into your current POS system. If your new system is ready-to-go in just a few simple steps and is compatible with your current set-up, you know you’re onto a winner. 

  • App-free

These days, no one wants to download an app to order and pay in a restaurant or bar. Instead, customers want a payment system that’s quick and instant, like ordering via a digital menu that’s accessed by scanning a QR code. 

If your mobile ordering solution requires customers to download an app, you might want to think again. This creates a clunky experience that’s likely to hold back those all-important repeat orders.

  • Generates a strong ROI

It goes without saying, but the best mobile ordering systems will deliver a high ROI and cost less money than it makes. Do a few calculations and work out how much your mobile ordering system is costing you. The best will generate a net gain and a high one at that. 

ServedUp increases our clients’ revenue by up to 30% — and all for a fixed transaction fee that keeps costs down and profits high. 

  • Encourages customers to spend more 

Let the numbers speak for themselves. If your mobile ordering system increases the average order value of your customers, it’ll more than pay for itself — and that’s the ultimate goal. 

A great solution will do this by:

  • Creating a more enjoyable customer experience
  • Speeding up order turnaround 
  • Promoting upsells 
  • Highlighting special offers 
  • Incentivising higher spend through customer loyalty features
  • Makes it easy for your customers to pay for their orders

One of the main purposes of a mobile ordering solution is to give customers a quick, easy and convenient way to pay. To meet that need, your mobile ordering system should offer your customers a wide range of payment options, including:

  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay 
  • Paypal 
  • Credit/debit card 

It should also make it easy to add tips for staff, and should request payment as soon as someone orders to avoid any delays when a guest is ready to leave. 

  • Comes with gold standard customer service, right from the start

It’s not just your customers who deserve good customer service — you do, too! 

That’s why the best mobile order solutions will provide gold standard customer service you can count on. From the initial set-up to ongoing support, you should have access to a team of friendly experts you can contact whenever you need. 

  • Includes takeaway functionality 

In light of COVID-19, more and more customers are opting to order takeaways (either via delivery or click and collect) instead of eating in. The likes of Deliveroo and UberEats are great for this, but not so great for your margins or control over your customer’s experience. 

A great mobile ordering solution should give you the features you need to run your own takeaway or curb-side collection service that puts you in charge. 

  • Includes an all-in-one dashboard to monitor performance

A mobile ordering solution should be more than just a way to speed up customer service — it should also give you in-depth insights into your customers’ behaviour to make wise business decisions and increase profits. 

If your system provides data on customer spending habits, average order values, hot products and more, you’ll benefit from it in more ways than one.

  • Improves and creates new opportunities for brand to venue partnerships 

Finally, the ideal mobile order to table solution will give you a number of ways to create lucrative partnerships with other brands, such as:

  • The option for guests to claim offers from other brands
  • The ability to generate extra revenue from menu sponsors

This requires a solution that’s flexible, easy-to-update and driven by data. 

Looking for a mobile order to table solution that ticks all those boxes, and more?

ServedUp is the industry-leading solution you need to impress customers, increase revenue, and stay fit for the future. Click here to find out more. 

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