How to help your customers embrace mobile order to table and QR codes

Over the past year, thousands of hospitality venues across the UK have invested in mobile order to table solutions to be COVID-secure, meet the demands of modern customers, and cash in on the benefits of mobile-first service. 

But while scanning QR codes and ordering via their mobile phones offers guests a faster, safer, and more streamlined dining experience — some, at first, might need a little nudge to get on board with this new way to order and pay. 

Here’s how your business can make that transition as smooth as possible in 7 simple steps. 

Tell customers about your new system

First and foremost, you’ve got to tell your customers about your new ordering system. The best way to do that is to get your front-of-house staff to explain the system when seating guests. This’ll mean that they’ll know what to do, right off the bat. 

Ask your staff to stick to a simple, straightforward script that’s to the point, and make sure they’re always on-hand to answer any questions — even after a group has been seated. Some customers may need more support than others. 

Your staff should also always have a device on them so that they’re able to demonstrate how the system works, in action. 

The key to this is effective staff training. Your staff will need to know how the system works, and how to explain it in simple terms. That’s why you should offer staff-wide training, no matter how easy your new system is. 

Make sure your staff know the ins and outs of the system

As part of the staff training mentioned above, it’s important to make sure that your staff are familiar with every element of your mobile ordering solution. They’ll need to know...  

  • How to use it on multiple devices (Android/iOS) 
  • How to overcome any errors/glitches 
  • How to reboot it

If your staff know what to do, they’ll be able to support your customers and make it easy for them when ordering from their phones for the first time. 

Here at ServedUp, our team can help yours get to grips with our mobile order to table solution prior to launch. Get in touch with us to find out more. 

Print flyers with step-by-step instructions

Getting your staff to explain how to use the new system is important, but some customers will prefer to sit down and take things in for themselves. To help them do that, putting a flyer on each table with step-by-step instructions is a great idea. 

Something simple like this will do the trick…  

QR code explainer

Click here to download the above image as a printable PDF

Update your website with clear instructions  

As we head out of lockdown, a lot of customers will be visiting venue websites to check up on COVID-security measures, opening hours, and more. Take advantage of this and update yours with an introduction to your new ordering system. 

Explain why you’ve got it, what the benefits are to customers, and how it can be used. A poster (like the one above) will be fine, but a quick video demo would be even better. 

You could even create a Q&A section that answers common questions about your new system, such as:

  • How do I use it? 
  • How long does it take to order from? 
  • Do I need a specific device? 
  • Can I still pay in cash, if I want to?

In short, make sure your website helps your customers know what to expect when they visit you. That way, their in-venue experience will be as hassle-free as possible. 

Post about your new system on social media 

As well as updating your website, you should also keep your social media followers in the loop with your new system. They’ll almost certainly check your social pages before booking a post-lockdown visit, and will want to know what to expect. 

Again, simple instructions and a short demo video are all that’s needed. Try and create some excitement with your posts, and encourage your customers to “get on board with the future of hospitality”. 

And don’t worry about creating new content for social media — repurposing what you’ve put on your website will save time and cut costs. 

Send an email to your mail list 

Got a mail list of regular customers? Send them an email to announce your new mobile ordering system. Explain how it works and what the benefits are, and they won’t be caught off-guard when they visit you for the first time after lockdown. 

You could even run a fun competition and offer discounts for the first 10 customers to use your new system. That’ll speed up your roll-out! 

Be positive about your new system

And finally, don’t forget the power of positivity. 

If your staff are openly enthusiastic about your new system, your customers will feel more encouraged to give it a try. 

Ask your staff to highlight the positives of the system, such as...  

  • How fun it is to use (“you could even send surprise orders to your friends’ table!”) 
  • How easy it is to use
  • How much quicker it makes the ordering and payment process 
  • How it makes “splitting bills” super easy 
  • How easy it is to give a tip to the staff

Point those positives out, both in-person and in your wider messaging, and your customers will be eager to start using your new system. 

Ready to roll out your mobile table to order system? 

Follow these top tips, and we’re sure your customers will take to it like ducks to water. 

If you haven’t yet made the switch to mobile ordering, click here to find out why ServedUp could be just what you’re looking for.

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