How to secure hospitality staff this Christmas and beyond.

Here at ServedUp, we’re all about anticipating changes, trends, and the future of the hospitality industry. This exists on the macro scale of looking at how omni-channel ordering is here to stay, but also in the short term, too. 

With the 2021 festive season in full swing, companies are now able to throw Christmas parties that aren’t on Zoom, families are able to fly home for New Year’s, and friends can have their annual reunion in person. Pubs and restaurants will be booming, but in a 2021 post-lockdown world, customers are going to come in with a different set of expectations. 

With staff shortages and retention issues at a pinch point time, it’s beginning to look a lot like (a different kind of) Christmas. 

Afterwards, once the final bit of New Year confetti has been swept, the lingering scent of gunpowder has dissipated, and the recycling bins are filled with empty bottles of sparkling wine, the hospitality sector will face a different set of problems. Venue owners will need to consider how to raise revenue in a quiet period when dark kitchens and increasingly convenient stay-at-home options are vying for supremacy.

The good news is, you don’t have to face these challenges alone. Let’s look at the impact ServedUp can make during the holidays and beyond. 

Your staff are superheroes (but they don’t need to do everything)

Busy waiter

We’ve been there. It’s Christmas, it’s busy, and staff can’t be everywhere at once. Between taking requests, writing orders on paper, and inputting them into the till, a busy Christmas experience means busy workers. 

This system has predictable worries: as stress increases, so does the room for human error. As the numbers of patrons increase, so too do the requirements of the server. And as the strain on staff rises, so does the worry of a higher staff turn-over. This is where ServedUp comes in.

As customers are inputting their own orders, staff have less room for error.  This also means customers are less likely to complain if they feel they’ve been waiting too long for drinks - staff will know exactly when (and what) they ordered from ServedUp

This ease of ordering means that more customers are able to order more often with less difficulty – particularly at peak time when it can otherwise take ten minutes for a flustered staff member to spot a raised hand. Pubs and restaurants can stay efficient without labouring a reduced workforce and, during busy seasons, the minimal training required for ServedUp gives room for junior staff to join at shorter notice. 

Free your staff to focus on the human touch

Waiting staff with the human touch

With all the finicky aspects left to an automated system, ServedUp gives greater freedom to staff. Without spinning so many plates in the air at once, staff no longer have to keep track of who to talk to and when or which orders are going to which tables. This means that your teams can focus on what they do best: talking to customers. 

ServedUp’s super smooth transactions mean that staff are better able to spend time upselling to customers, increasing spend per person, and ensuring every customer has a memorable time. Timed reminders to prompt staff to check on customers at certain points can maximise total spend per person, and the seamless integration of tipping into ServedUp translates into staff making more per shift too.

Then, rather than worrying about knowing when a person is ready to pay, staff can have that part taken care of. A customer can simply walk out the door, having paid and tipped by mobile.

Step seamlessly into the future of hospitality

Both our mobile ordering and complete EPOS systems result in customers spending more and leaving happier, after an evening interacting with happier, more relaxed staff. 

So ServedUp doesn’t just help you retain staff and generate more revenue (though it does these things very, very well). It helps you create an atmosphere, both during the Christmas period and beyond, that both customers and staff want to be in – and come back for.

Want to see this in your venues? We can get mobile ordering up, running, and good to go in 24 hours. Likewise, if you want a full EPOS solution, drop us a line, and we can get you going in no time. 

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