Introducing BrandUp and why this is great news for venues and brands

Here at The Up Company, we’re on a mission to give hospitality venues the tools they need to prosper. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce an exciting new feature to our all-in-one hospitality platform: BrandUp

Accessed exclusively via ServedUp — our industry-leading mobile order to table solution — BrandUp makes it easier than ever to activate revenue-generating brand deals, without all the hassle. 

Let’s take a closer look. 

Before BrandUp: the challenges of teaming up with brands 

As an independent hospitality venue, you’ll be all too familiar with the struggles of activating brand promotions, such as:

>> Getting started

In such a crowded market, getting your venue known to brands can be tricky, especially if you’re an independent business without existing connections. 

And even if you do have offers on the table, it can be a challenge to find promotions that work for you and your customers, as well as the relevant brands. 

>> High costs 

Setting up brand promotions can be costly — brands need to send representatives to onboard venues, and venues need to actively promote any deals to be fairly rewarded. 

For brands, set-up costs can get so high that many independent venues miss out on the chance of offering lucrative promotions because they simply don’t offer a high enough ROI. 

>> Measuring success

Brand promotions need constant monitoring to measure ROI and redemption rates, both of which can be difficult for independent venues that don’t have the right technology. 

The result? Fewer brand deals and opportunities to give your customers the offers they can get elsewhere.

>> Finding the time 

From talking to brand representatives to checking receipts and measuring ROI, activating brand promotions can eat up so much time that their benefits are soon overshadowed. 

How BrandUp solves those problems, and more 

BrandUp is the brand partnership solution you’ve been waiting for. Here’s why...

Lower costs, more opportunities 

Brand partnerships are often dominated by the big guys. 

BrandUp changes that by offering brands the opportunity to launch their promotions on our interface, reaching each of our venues (including independents) in just one click. Meaning lower costs for brands, and more opportunities for venues like yours. 

BrandUp also makes it easier (and more affordable) to promote any brand deals you sign up to, as you can do so directly via your digital menu on ServedUp, without having to train your staff or invest in other marketing materials. 

Say goodbye to receipt checking 

BrandUp digitises and speeds up the entire process of implementing and monitoring brand partnerships. Our all-in-one dashboard provides brands with automated metric reports to measure ROI, saving you from checking receipts and keeping a record of redemption rates. 

No more unwanted visits from brand reps 

Attention from brands is great… but, let’s be honest, no one has the time to stop and chat to brand reps about promotions that simply aren’t the right fit. 

That’s why BrandUp gives you an overview of all brand opportunities available to your venue. You can pick and choose which brands to engage with, and which to ignore. 

You know your venue best — so we’ll let you lead the way. 

Brand opportunities you won’t want to miss 

BrandUp brings together a wide range of household names offering an even wider range of opportunities. 

We’re talking...  

  • Exclusive offers for your customers 🍺
  • Rewards for your venue 🥇
  • Digital menu sponsorship 🍽
  • Paid for promotions 💸

Simply open up the offers tab on your ServedUp interface, and you’ll be able to choose from a whole host of constantly updated deals and opportunities that keep your customers happy and your revenue high. 

The new way to connect with brands you and your customers love

We’re proud to have teamed up with some of the world’s biggest and best brands in hospitality, to name a few: Jägermeister, Red Bull, Guinness, and many more. 

We’re always creating new relationships to help our venues prosper. BrandUp will be your go-to for the latest brand deals and opportunities, and that’s a promise. 

How to get started with BrandUp

Getting started with BrandUp couldn’t be easier...

>> First, sign up to ServedUp to access offers

If you haven’t already, you’ll first need to sign up to the ServedUp platform. This’ll give you direct access to exciting brand opportunities you can cash in on. You’ll also have access to our other features, including our industry-leading mobile order to table software. 

>> Then, check out the available offers

In ServedUp, you’ll be able to view all active brand offers in the offers tab. This might include menu sponsorship opportunities, premium menu listings, customer deals, and more. 

>> Claim your offers, and start promoting

Simply click on the offers you want to accept, and your digital menu will automatically update with the relevant promotions and deals. Your customers can then start ordering from your menu and benefitting from your new partnerships and offers. 

Register for ServedUp today — the UK’s leading mobile order to table solution 

The first step in accessing BrandUp is registering for ServedUp, the complete hospitality solution that gives you every tool you need to…  

  • Implement mobile ordering and payment 📱
  • Increase revenue by up to 30% 📈
  • Make data-backed decisions about your business 🔎
  • Stay ahead of the curve, and fit for the future 💪

Join thousands of other venues and register for your free ServedUp demo today. 

We'll get back to you within 24 hours to schedule a customised walkthrough of ServedUp catered to your venue’s specific needs. Once you’re happy, we’ll then get your venue live within 48 hours.

Click here to get started. 

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