Your ServedUp April Reopening Checklist

With 12 April just around the corner, we've compiled a quick checklist for you to ensure you're ready to take orders with ServedUp.


1. Complete Your Menu
Check your products, prices and modifiers are all correct.
ServedUp Dashboard > Products

2. Upload Table Numbers
This is so that your staff can see which tables to serve.
ServedUp Dashboard > Venue > Tables

3. Upload Payout Bank Details
We have updated to PaidUp - a new, more efficient payments system - just add your bank account on the dashboard and fill in this form. This replaces previous Stripe payments and is essential to getting paid.
ServedUp Dashboard > Account & Settings > Venue Details > Payment Details

4. Update Opening Hours
Opening extra hours on Monday? Make sure it's updated in:
ServedUp Dashboard > Account & Settings > Venue Settings

5. Plug In Terminals & Stick Down QR Codes
If you use ServedUp terminals, turn them on and make sure they're connected to WiFi. We advise keeping your terminals plugged in when in use. If you haven't already done so, stick down/print off your QR codes for customers to scan.

6. Update Terminal App
Make sure your terminal is up to date with the latest ServedUp software.
Terminal App Store > Update

 7. Do a Test Order! 
Scan your QR code and buy a pint! You can easily refund your test order via the terminal or venue dashboard. Note that the minimum order value is 35p and transaction fees apply (1.2% +4.5-10p).



Any Issues?

Browse our FAQ Here
If you still need help please get in touch via the dashboard.

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