Why Mobile Order to Table is Here To Stay

We don’t want to jinx it but it looks like it is finally happening. Lockdown is ending and we can literally hear a collective sigh of relief from the UK hospitality sector from our office.

Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with the sudden lifting of restrictions, there can be little doubt that pubs, restaurants and venues across the UK will soon be heaving with eager customers.

But for those venues who have put so much time and effort into adapting to social distancing measures - should it be a return to the old ways? Should you ditch the digital menu and QR codes and dust off the old printed menus? Or does it make sense to keep mobile order to table in place?

CLARIFICATION POINT: Just to confirm in this blog when we say “Mobile Order to Table” we are referring to fast and reliable solutions like ServedUp that load conveniently via scanning a QR Code at the table or bar area without any app that needs to be downloaded by the customer. We’re not referring to those clunky and sometimes downright painful mobile apps that some venues require their patrons to download. 

We’ve now helped dozens of venues switch to ServedUp in order to improve the experience of their disgruntled customers who were having problems with downloading, updating, resetting passwords, adding billing details, dealing with frozen screens etc. It has been great to see those same customers cheer up and adopt ServedUp with a smile on their face!

Ok, so with that distinction clarified, back to why we think the new way of customers ordering and paying is here to stay!



Mobile order to table increases revenue - by as much as 30%

ServedUp is the most frictionless ordering platform for consumers. The quicker it is to order and receive your order, the quicker it is to order again, leading to increased spend per head.

Improve Revenue Testimonial

Read more on how ServedUp has increased revenue at The Hawk’s Nest.


Mobile order to table can increase staff tips by as much as 50%

With venues facing staff shortages and retaining good staff - the amount of tips your staff earn at your venue can have a huge impact on your recruitment efforts. ServedUp venues have been delighted to share that tips are up using the platform. Sometimes massively so.

Read more on how tips have more than doubled at The Allotment Bars in Manchester after adopting ServedUp.


Mobile order to table reduces customer wait times and improves staff efficiency

No more customers trying to catch the eye of busy waiting or bar staff. Instead, customers can order and pay in a matter of seconds when they enter your venue and they don't need to wait when they are ready for a refill.

This significantly reduces the amount of time to get served.

As Alex, a customer at one of our busy ServedUp venues put it, "Personally I wont be rushing back to queue at a busy bar and try and juggle 5 pints back across a crowded beer garden!"

Reduce Customer Wait Time Testimonial

Read more on how the Surrey Student Union Marquee Bar (700 covers) massively reduced customer wait time and improved staff efficiency.


Mobile order to table can increase upsells by as much as 300%!

Through deploying the UpSell feature The Hawk’s Nest were able to increase the sales of high margin side dishes such as Calamari and Arancini by over 300%.

Customers are very receptive to purchasing a side dish alongside drinks.


The above are just some of the reasons why you should continue to use a solution like ServedUp after lockdown ends. Other benefits include the Venue Dashboard providing a convenient tool for all your metrics and the ability to easily manage your menu and accept amazing brand offers from our growing list of brand partners.

Some of our venues have also pointed out that as payment is made whenever an order is placed there has been no more concern over ‘walkouts’ and customers don’t need to hang about to get the bill which speeds up table turnover.

And with full EPOS and the ability for staff to accept orders and payment using mobile devices like our Pocket Till there is no reason why you can’t adopt a hybrid approach. 

The benefits are far too numerous to ignore. Have any questions about the points made above? Please do get in touch with our customer success team - we are always happy to help.

Or feel free to book a 15 minute demo if you’d like to see the platform in action!


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