Why we’ve evolved ServedUp into a full EPOS solution

When we started developing the ServedUp mobile to order solution back in July 2020, our aim was to solve a particular pain point that our ChargedUp and CleanedUp venue partners were facing. And that pain point was simply, how do you take orders and payment from customers whilst adapting to the new normal of social distancing? 

Allowing customers to conveniently place their orders whilst seated and make payment without having to pass around a menu or debit card/cash was an obvious solution - and thus ServedUp was born. After launching with beta testers in August 2020, following months of intensive development, we finally launched ServedUp in April 2021 and began promoting it to hospitality venues in our network.

At theUp.co rapid innovation is a core part of our company culture and so we’ve constantly been improving the product and introducing new features such as a dashboard and a ground-breaking brand activation mechanism called BrandUp which allows our ServedUp venue partners to generate additional revenue by rapidly rolling out brand partner offers from the likes of Guinness, Gordon’s Gin, Red Bull and many more at the click of a button. 

No wonder then that as word of mouth spread, and venue owners learned just how convenient our solution is, we’ve become known as the UK’s fastest and most reliable mobile order to pay solution with many new venues signing up each week. 

But with such a great mobile ordering system in place and a rapidly growing venue network:

So here are the answers to those questions and more directly from our Co-founders Hugo Tilmouth and Charlie Baron, as well as our intrepid Chief Product Officer, Antoine Zenie. 

Hugo, as Co-Founder and CEO of theUp.co you must’ve had some involvement in this crazy plan to build the future of EPOS. What gives?

“The pandemic gave us the drive and clear direction to build something that would help our venue partners reopen to the public. And, whilst there has been huge take-up of mobile order to table, and over time we believe that all customers will eventually shift to mobile ordering, the fact remains that in the meantime venues have to cater to different order and payment scenarios. 

Also, for some venues when all restrictions are lifted, there will be a shift back to ordinary bar and waiter service. Our aim is to fully replace the traditional cobbled together EPOS and replace what is costing many venues a lot of money. 

Before ServedUp venues would have an EPOS for taking orders (usually with a monthly fee, hardware fee and contractual lock in). Then for taking payments you’d have a PDQ Machine (also with monthly fee, per transaction fee, PCI fees, non-usage fees, lock ins, contracts, etc.). A takeaway platform with their own fees and big margins. Then along came mobile order to table via QR Code or dedicated mobile app (also with monthly fee, per transaction fee, costs for integration, etc.)

The beauty of ServedUp is we will have one system with one low transaction fee (1.2% + 4.5p) to cover everything from mobile ordering, order at bar, waiter service and takeaway. There are NO monthly fees or lock in. We even refund all hardware costs once a minimum of 1000 orders have been processed. “

ServedUp - all in one platform

Charlie, as Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer of theUp.co, building partnerships with leading brands in the UK is how you’ve grown ChargedUp, CleanedUp and now ServedUp. What does introducing an EPOS solution mean for partners?

We’ve long known that brand offer activation in on-trade hospitality was ripe for innovation and disruption. The process of rolling out a brand offer is typically a laborious process - both for the venue as well as the brand. 

Which is why partnering with the likes of Diageo, Red Bull and Jägermeister has been core to our strategy of differentiating ServedUp from the dozens of other order to table startups that have sprung up in the past couple of years. 

We built our BrandUp feature which enables brand partners to put together enticing offers which ServedUp venues can easily select and activate via the dashboard. ServedUp then rolls out the offer to customers via the digital menu. 

We’ve seen some incredible successes since launching this feature - for example a massive 221% uplift in Gordon’s G&T sales or a 261% increase in Jägermeister sales. These brand offers also generate additional revenue for the venue improving profitability. 

Evolving into a full EPOS solution is a natural progression to further enable our venues to take full advantage of our brand offers.

Antoine, as Chief Product Officer, your plate was already very full building the coolest and most feature rich mobile order solution in existence. Why EPOS?

“Short answer? Hugo and Charlie told me to! (laughs).

No, the real reason we’re expanding ServedUp into a full EPOS solution with integrated hardware is simply due to communication. Most of what we do at ServedUp is directly related to the feedback of our venue partners. We’ve set up a Beta Testing group with about 40 ServedUp venues who test new features and give honest and frank feedback which then in turn shapes our product development roadmap. 

Numerous venues liked the simplicity of order to table but also mentioned the problem of integrating with the wider EPOS.

If you think of it from the venue’s perspective - what a pain it must be to juggle PDQ payment devices, EPOS, plus an additional 3rd party mobile order solution - not to mention stock and menu management. Adding or changing one item on the menu could take ages to update across all systems. 

The beauty of ServedUp is we are a single provider across all channels which greatly simplifies life for our venues. No integrations. No additional sign up for the end-customer. The menu is shared across all channels and so is reporting. 

It is of our utmost importance that our venues have the best experience for running their venues. And we couldn’t find a better solution to integrate with and so decided to build it ourselves.”

The ServedUp EPOS solution is rolling out in select venues now. Register your interest here.

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