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Bullet-05-BrandUp is free to sign up!

Bullet-05-BrandUp allows you to get direct access to the biggest brand offers, promos and deals, earning your venue additional revenue.

Bullet-05-Customers access offers and deals by scanning a QR code in your venue. Drinks can be ordered at the bar or table. No app to download or log-in necessary.

Bullet-05-Brand offers are sent directly to you and you can choose which offers to show to your customers.

Bullet-05-The brand pays the money directly to your venue.

Bullet-05-Increase your rate of sale, earn additional revenue, and reward your staff and loyal customers.


How does BrandUp work?


Take a look at our explainer video to get an even better understanding of how BrandUp can benefit your business!

Surprise your customers with exciting offers they can't find anywhere else!

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“BrandUp has surprised me with a significant financial pick up on additional drinks sold. My sales have increased by £3k over a 2 week period, via this service. I'm very happy with the bottom line effect”

“Since using the offer feature, we have seen a huge uptake in sales - an additional keg in the first week the banner was live, even though this coincided with a week of lower footfall!”

“We get access to additional revenue which helps reward our customers and increase our revenues. We are very happy with BrandUp”


What is BrandUp?

BrandUp is the UK’s first drink offers platform which provides pubs and bars weekly offers from the biggest brands.

Built to enable you to earn additional revenue with minimal effort. New offers are available to redeem every week and will be shown directly to your customers via a QR code.

No need to reprint menus or chase brands for refunds, everything is handled automatically through BrandUp.

Can I select which offers are shown to my customers?

Yes of course! You have full control on which offers you might want to accept and display to your customers via the QR code. 

Some offers will be limited to a certain amount of redemptions and wether they are one per customer.

They will automatically switch off when the full amount of redemptions are completed.

How do I display offers to my customers?

Once you accept an offer on the dashboard, the Digital menu which is attached to the QR code provided will automatically update to show the brand on offer.

You just need to make sure the QR code is on each table and is accessible by your customers.

How do I know when a customer orders?

You will be provided with a BrandUp printer which sits behind the bar. This will make a noise whenever you get an order and print out a ticket once you press ACCEPT. 

You can then either deliver the drink to the table or have it ready to be collected by the customer.

When do I get paid my rewards?

Rewards and order revenue will be sent to the bank details provided on a daily basis. 

Typically 3 business days after the transaction has been completed.

How much does it cost?

The system is entirely free to join and all hardware will be provided free of charge.

If a customer pays for any drink/food on-top of an offer you'll only ever be charged 1.2% + 4.5p for processing the transaction. 

This is automatically taken out at the time of payout.

How often are offers updated?

Brands are updated weekly, so keep an eye on the dashboard for new ones to accept.

We work closely with our brand partners to keep offers on rotation throughout the year. Some offers will be on the platform for a limited time, whilst others will remain indefinitely. We are constantly looking for new brands to bring on.