What is ServedUp?

ServedUp is a contactless menu, ordering and payments platform, and the newest addition to The Up Company.

How does ServedUp work?

  1. Your customers scan the QR code on their table for table service, outside your venue or online for takeaway

  2. They Browse the menu, Order and Pay. At the checkout, they indicate their table number or if the order is takeaway.

  3. The customers receive an order confirmation and updates via text

  4. You are notified on the orders on your POS or venue Dashboard or mobile app

    You can download the mobile apps here :


  5. You can accept or decline the order

  6. The order is ready to be served

Where can I get a demo?

You can schedule a free demo of the ServedUp software here

What Epos integrations does ServedUp support?

Please reach out to our support team with any required integrations

Setting up your Venue

I did not receive an email confirmation after signing up, what do I do?

Sometimes the email confirmation lands in the Spam folder, so please make sure to check there for your sign up confirmation. If you cannot find it there either, please contact us through the chat on the bottom right corner of this page with the name of your venue and we will sort this out ASAP

I forgot my password

  1. To reset your password please go to the ServedUp Dashboard , click on "log in" and then "Forgot your password?".

    Fill out your email address and you should receive a code you can use to reset your password

How do I delete a table?

To delete your table go onto your dashboard and then on "Venue" on the left menu and then "Tables". You will find a list of all tables and the delete button next to it. Keep in mind that the tables cannot be deleted during the hours where your venue is open.

How do I deactivate the takeaway option?

To deactivate the takeaway option for your venue please go to "Account & Settings" and the on "Venue Settings". You will find the option to toggle off the takeaway function under the opening hours.

How do I edit the opening hours?

To change the opening times of your venue:

  • In your venue dashboard, go to ‘Accounts & Settings’ > ‘Venue Settings ,Opening Hours’

Click on ‘Edit’ You can edit the opening and closing hours, or close your venue

How do I get the table QR stickers for my venue?

During your onboarding, our team will be able to dispatch a pack of QR stickers for your venue. If you ever need additional QR stickers, you can purchase a pack here

POS Terminal

Do I need a terminal to use ServedUp?

No, you can set up your venue and accept orders through the desktop dashboard or download the ServedUp app on your smartphone or tablet.

You can download the mobile apps here :

How do I order a terminal?

You can purchase the terminal in our online store where you can also find more specific information about it.

I just received my terminal, how do I set it up?

As soon as you receive the terminal , please contact us through the chat in the lower right corner of your ServedUp dashboard so we can activate the device for you.

Does the Terminal need wifi connection to work?

No, the terminal has a data sim card pre-installed. However, we do recommend a wifi connection for the best connectivity.

How long is the battery life of the terminal?

Much like a venue's other POS devices or PDQ machines, our terminal stations should be plugged in during the day (it will come with a USB-C cable). These devices also have 10 hours of battery life.


How do I upload my menu onto ServedUp?

You will be able to create your menu using our digital menu interface on the venue dashboards - It's similar to how you would set up a POS system, but with a modern design and it is much easier to use.

Where can I find the QR codes/links to share with customers?

For Takeaway, you can find your takeaway QR code in your venue dashboard:  ‘Accounts & Settings’ > ‘Venue Details’ > ‘Download QR code’

How can I delete product sizes?

You can remove a product size from a menu item, by clicking on that item and clicking the "x" button to the right of each product size. There is currently no way to delete the product size from the "product size" tab, but the functionality will be added soon.

How do I deactivate a product that is out of stock?

When a product is out of Stock, there are two ways to change the status of an item from the dashboard as not available on the customer menu:

Changing the availability of a menu Item

  • Go to ‘Products’>’Menu’ or ‘Products’>’All Food and Drink Items’
  • Click on the item and set it as unavailable (as pictured below)


You can also deactivate the availability of an item on your terminal


How much does ServedUp cost?

The ServedUp software is free to use, with a transaction fee that applies for each transaction.

Currently this is 1.2% +4.5p per transaction.

Can Customers pay with cash?

Yes, customers can pay in cash through the ServedUp EPOS. If your venue only uses our mobile order and pay service, then unfortunately the customer can only pay with using digital methods.

When/how often do I get paid out?

Payments typically take 1-3 days to be paid out to venues

How do I refund a customer?

To refund an order, first find the order under "order history" and then click on it to see more details. You should find the "refund" button on the bottom of the page.

How do I only cancel and refund only one item off a customers order?

Unfortunately this is not possible yet, but we hope to be able to provide this functionality in the future.

How do I set up my payment account?

Head to the payout section of the venue dashboard and input your account number and sort code. This will allow us to setup your payout system

Can I create promo codes that can be used upon check out?

Yes, you can create these using your ServedUp Dashboard. Promo codes can then be entered at the checkout on our EPOS devices or by the customer when using mobile ordering. Discounts can be applied to the whole basket or to a single item.


What happens when my customer runs out of phone battery?

ServedUp is part of the Up Co, which also includes ChargedUp, Europe’s largest phone charging network. You can order a small charging station for your venue so that your customers can keep their phone charged to stay connected and order from the system.

To get a station, sign up here

We install, manage and maintain the stations at no cost to you. There is no complicated on-boarding or installation process, you simply plug the station in and our app educates the users.

Can I auto accept all incoming orders?

Yes, you can auto accept every incoming order

Does ServedUp check the age of the customer for alcoholic orders?

No, it is the responsibility of each venue to check the customers age before serving alcoholic beverages

Can I add scheduled promotions (happy hour deals/brunch menu)?

Yes! You can choose the serving times for each one of your Menu sections in your venue dashboard.

To Schedule a Menu Section:

  • Go to ‘Products’>’Menu’
  • Click on the clock icon for the Section (e.g Breakfast)
  • Choose the times and the dates at which you want the section to appear on the customer menu

How do ServedUp Offers work?

ServedUp provides the UK's first platform that connects brands directly to venues and consumers via a QR code.

Any questions? Please refer to the dedicated FAQs here.


Does ServedUp Support takeaway and delivery?

ServedUp supports takeaway functionality, but not delivery (yet).

How do I deactivate takeaway?

There is a toggle on the Venue Settings page to turn takeaway on or off.

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