Increase revenue by 30% with UK's Fastest Mobile Order & Pay

ServedUp is built for speed and reliability meaning you can always stay on top of your orders. 

No app to download, customers can checkout in under 15 seconds!

ServedUp - venue pack

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Systems built to be reliable

The ServedUp systems operate with 99.9%+ uptime, with unlimited scaleability. This means we won't fall over when things get busy

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Fastest Improving Platform

Our UK technology team have years of experience building products for hospitality. We build things fast from your feedback

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Always available

We have 24/7 customer support available to help your business. Our account managers are also here to help grow your business.

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We help grow businesses

Venues using ServedUp see average spend per head rise by over 30% and an increase in Tips by up to 50%. supports 35,000+ venues in Europe

“Game changing solution which increases profitability and will revolutionise the industry and the way that guests order in hospitality settings. We estimate that our spend per head is 30% higher than it would be if we did not use ServedUp. ”

“I don't have any words that express how grateful I am for the quick turn around and the excellent customer service. Wait times and order issues are down, staff are happy and it's a better experience for our customers”

“Getting started couldn’t have been easier — the team went above and beyond, and we were ready-to-go in less than a week. It's very simple to use, customers and staff alike find it very intuitive and straightforward.”

Boost Your Revenue by 30% With ServedUp

ServedUp mobile

Order & Pay in 10 seconds

ServedUp is the most frictionless ordering platform for consumers. The quicker it is to order, the quicker it is to order again, leading to increase spend per head.

All-In-One Solution

Connects seamlessly with ServedUp EPOS

Use our cloud based POS to free up your staff to interact with guests and save £1,000's on hardware and software licences. 

5.45″ HD Touchscreen Terminal with Printer included.

ServedUp EPOS Fleet
ServedUp Venue Dashboard

Rewards & Offers Platform

Claim offers from brands and be rewarded for your venues performance. 

Earn £1000s of extra revenue per month through menu sponsorship

How it works for Customers?

1. Scan QR Code

No app download required, just simply scan the QR code through your smartphones camera

2. Select Menu Items

Simple to navigate digital menu with images and offers to increase spend per head

3. Pay with PaidUp

Checkout and pay through PaidUp, the new hospitality first payment solution. Secure and fast.

How ServedUp Helps Your Venue?

  • Increase Revenue

  • Help Staff & Reduce Errors

  • Speed up Service

  • Boost Customer Satisfaction


Boost Revenue by 30% with Order and Pay at tables

The ease of ordering is directly associated with consumption rates. We estimate that our spend per head is 30% higher than it would be if we did not use ServedUp.

The customer experience is also improved dramatically as speed of service is maximised and often guests comment on how quickly their drinks are served. Customers are more likely to order another round of drinks if they know that it will only take a few minutes.


Improve efficiency & cut errors by over 30%

ServedUp allows you to streamline processes in your venue, helping to reduce costs. With ServedUp this is achieved as waiting staff must only run drinks to the table and clear glassware. 

Staff do not take orders at the table which requires experience (and often higher rates of pay), they also do not have to spend time inputting orders at an EPOS terminal where mistakes are often made unless staff are experienced and well trained.


Reduce waiting time to under 2 minutes on average

Customers can now order and pay in a matter of seconds when they enter your venue. This significantly reduces the amount of time to get a first drink in a customers hand, leading to you giving them more time to purchase more.

We have been able to reduce venues average waiting time for a first drink by over 50% to under 2 minutes.


76% of Customers Expect Order at Table solutions post lockdown

Customers want to spend more time with their friends and less time queuing at a bar. This is only made worse when things get busy....

Recent surveys have suggested that order to table is the new expected norm and leads to a far higher customer satisfaction. It is starting to play a role in peoples decision making of which bar to visit.

ServedUp helps speed up your service and therefore make your customers happy!

*ServedUp hardware refunded after 1000 transactions