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ServedUp Offers Help Centre

ServedUp provides the UK's first platform that connects brands directly to venues and consumers via a QR code.

Any questions? Please refer to the FAQs below.

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What are ServedUp Offers?

ServedUp Offers is the UK’s first drink offers platform that provides pubs and bars weekly offers from the biggest brands.

Built to enable you to earn additional revenue with minimal effort. New offers are available to redeem every week and will be shown directly to your customers via a QR code.

No need to reprint menus or chase brands for refunds, everything is handled automatically through ServedUp.

How do I set up my venue?

You will be emailed a link to sign up. If not and you're expecting one or would like to enquire please let us know by emailing Lucy@theup.co

Once registered you are directed through an onboarding checklist.

Here you set up your payment details and decide what offers to run.

You will automatically receive a ServedUp Offers POS Activation kit in the post within 2 days.

Put the QR codes from the kit onto your tables or the bar ready for your customers to order.

How much does it cost?

The system is entirely free to join and participate in.

If there is a paid element to an offer you are charged 1.2% + 10p for processing the transaction. e.g it's a 2 for 1 deal  you'll pay transaction fees on the part the customer pays you for.

This is automatically taken out at the time of payout we don't send any invoices.

You can upgrade to a full ServedUp account and benefit from cheaper fees at 1/2% + 4.5p - to do so follow the links in your Dashboard.

How do customers sign up / redeem offers?

Customers scan the QR codes in your venue, order, and pay via your digital menu.

If eligible, offers are automatically applied.

Customers show their phone at the bar to redeem their order.

Or, for venues using ServedUp hardware, the orders are accepted on the terminal, and drinks are delivered to table.

Offers are often run in line with advertising campaigns.

Where there is an advertising campaign supporting an offer e.g Guinness £1 Off - Customers are sent an SMS directing them to an interactive map with participating venues.



How do I accept new offers?

Offers are displayed on your venue Dashboard.

Here you can see any T's & C's related to a specific offer and preview how it looks on your menu.

You decide what to offers to run, and can track redemptions on your Dashboard.

Once complete offers are automatically turned off and if necessary payment from the brand is automated.

When will the offer go live on my menu?

Offer banners on menu (directing customers to offers on product items) will appear on your menu when new offers are accepted. In some cases you need to be verified - you'll receive an email with instructions if so.

If you would like to do a test order to check the process, feel free to purchase a drink. You can refund yourself in the Orders section of your Dashboard.

How do I know to give customers their drink/s?

Offers are auto-applied on customer checkout. The customer scans the QR code, adds products to their basket and makes payment online.

After purchase customers are directed to a screen that they must show your staff at the bar to redeem the drink.

Your staff slide the toggle on the screen to accept the order.

If their basket has paid drinks in, (e.g they order 3 pints, 1 is free and the 2 are paid for) the payment is confirmed when the bartender slides the toggle.

Watch the videos above for visuals on this.

How do I know if a customer has redeemed the offer already?

If the offer is limited to 1 per person, the system will automatically limit this to the customer. Not all offers are 1 per person, please refer to Offer T's & C's.

Please make sure all customers show you their phone, and your bar team confirm the order before giving them the free drink.

Customers can purchase an offer drink without a discount (if they are not eligible) if they like - they will just pay full price. Customers show their phone at the bar for collection as normal.

What is the POS activation kit I am sent after I create my account?

The POS (Point of Sale) activation kit includes QR codes posters, flyers, table talkers, and anything else you might put around your venue to advertise the offer to your customers.

I have a problem with my drinks delivery

ServedUp operates in partnership with brands and does not supply stock. Usually, you will need to order stock yourself, or already stock the item, and let us know via the customer care chat that you have the item in stock.

When you activate / register for an offer you will be emailed instructions should you need to order an item etc.

Do I need to take card payments at my bar for this to work?

No, these offers are completed through the ServedUp ordering system.

Orders are completely separate from your existing till or EPOS system and menu. When you set up ServedUp, you will add your bank details to the system for automated payments.

Customers scan a QR code to order and claim their free drink online, then show you proof of purchase to pick it up from the bar.

How do I make sure I don't go over the total amount of promo drinks?

The system is entirely automated. Offers will stop automatically after the total redemptions for that offer have been made in your venue. E.g for Guinness £1 Off it's 88.

Payment is made in the app - the money is automatically sent to you within 3 business days.

I received a POS activation kit but don't have an account

No problem! Registering your account is very quick and easy and takes around 5 mins - Please contact Customer Care via the online chat widget at the bottom right of the website.

When do I get paid my rewards?

Rewards and order revenue will be sent to the bank details provided on a daily basis. 

Typically 3 business days after the transaction has been completed.

How often are offers updated?

Brands are updated weekly, so keep an eye on the dashboard for new ones to accept.

We work closely with our brand partners to keep offers on rotation throughout the year. Some offers will be on the platform for a limited time, whilst others will remain indefinitely. We are constantly looking for new brands to bring on.

Can I change my plan later?

Yes! You can upgrade to full ServedUp at any time and benefit from reduced fees, amongst many other benefits!

Please have a look at the ServedUp pages on the website for more information and book a demo should you wish. You can also do this in your Dashboard.


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If your question is not covered in our FAQ's please chat with our UK customer care team who can help you.