Refer a venue and get up to £1000!

  ☑️ Fill out the form and a ServedUp specialist will reach out to the venue your recommended

  ☑️The value of the reward depends on the value of orders processed within the first month of the referred venue going live. This means that if you refer a Tier 1 venue with a £100k monthly turnover then the reward will be £1000! More details on the reward tiers will be sent to you after you complete the form. Most venues referred result in a £500 to £1000 reward! 

  ☑️After they have been live for their first month we will calculate your reward amount (based on orders processed via ServedUp) and you will receive your 100% free, no strings attached eGift redeemable at dozens of top retailers and brands! 

See FAQs below for more information or click here to download a PDF

“We were referred to ServedUp by a friend who received their CleanedUp hand sanitiser station - it has been fantastic for our business, allowing us to reopen in style.”

ServedUp Referral Scheme FAQs

Who can participate?

Anyone can refer a venue to us. If the venue has not already had a sales demo then we accept the referral. If the venue you are referring has already had a sales demo of the ServedUp platform, then regrettably we cannot accept the referral. If this happens we will contact you to let you know - and hopefully you can refer another!

What are the reward tiers?

After a referred venue goes live - we will monitor the value of orders processed in their first month. The amount processed will determine the reward as follows:

- £100,000 or more = £1000 reward
- £75,000 - £99,999 = £750 reward
- £50,000 - £74,999 = £500 reward
- £25,000 - £49,999 = £250 reward
- £10,000 - £24,999 = £150 reward
- Less than £10,000 = £50 reward

For example: you will receive a £1000 reward if the venue you refer processes £100,000 in order revenue in the first month of going live. To put this into perspective, a venue like The Hawk's Nest referred to us will earn you such a reward! Most venues referred to us result in a £500 to £1000 reward!

** Please note - due to the size of the reward you may need to declare this as income in your personal tax return! It's a small price to pay for such a great reward!  

Where can I redeem my reward?

We've partnered with the UK's leading eGift platform WeGift to deliver our referral rewards for the simple reason that they offer the best range of retailers and brands for you to choose from. What's more is you will be able to split your reward, picking whichever retailers you like most. All big name retailers are included from Amazon to your favourite grocery store.

How long until I get my reward?

This will depend on how quickly the venue you refer takes to sign up! Most venues sign up and get operational with ServedUp within 48 hrs of having their onboarding demo. Thereafter you will need to wait 1 month so that we can calculate the reward tier. Once calculated we will aim to send your reward to you within 5 business days. So please be patient - but we can assure you it will be worth the wait!

Is there a limit to the number of venues I can refer?

Heck no! We want this to be the most fun, lucrative and exciting mobile order to table referral scheme in the UK. Refer as many venues as you like. We have one contact who is an area sales manager at a brewery who has referred a number of venues that when they go live will result in a significant financial reward. If you are an insider in the UK hospitality scene with a black book full of venues to refer you can accumulate a serious amount of rewards!