Venue dashboard to help you grow your business

Our ServedUp dashboard is easy to use and features multi-level access, ensuring each team member has the appropriate level of access.

BrandUp, our promotions platform, gives you access to the latest offers from the worlds largest brands.

ServedUp Dashboard

Easily create and edit your menu

The ServedUp dashboard lets you customise your menu with modifiers and adjust prices so that customers can order what they want, exactly how they want it. Want more good news? These customization features work seamlessly with seasonal or time-sensitive menus too, so no matter what time of day (or time of year it is, your customers can personalise their order to be just how they like it - each and every time!


Track, compare and export your sales data 

With the ServedUp dashboard you can easily see how your venue is performing over time and compare one week vs another. You can also link the dashboard up to your accounting system, helping you ensure that your books are aligned with the minimum of fuss!


Get access to the best offers from brands

ServedUp works with the largest brands such as Diageo, ABInBev, Jagermeister, Coca-Cola and many more. We stay up to date with the latest offers from our partner brands, and the ServedUp dashboard can also automatically update your menu with the latest promotional offers - so your guests and your venue need never miss out!


Here’s more good stuff

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Track Tips & Gratuity

See how much you receive in tips, and easily allocate the gratuities earned to the correct staff members


Export your data

Export all your data via csv - a simple but effective tool that comes in very useful if you have someone else doing your accounting, or you want to use ServedUp data with a third-party platform. This means that you can also export the information to third party platforms so it can be displayed in custom bar charts, bar charts, line graphs and other graphical readouts - great for powerpoint presentations!


Rewards System

The ServedUp dashboard includes a rewards system for accepting brand offers, hitting sales targets and growing your business - when venues using ServedUp do well, we make sure they’re rewarded for that hard work in a way that helps them kick on further!


Timed Menus

ServedUp lets you have your menu change automatically depending on the date, day, or time. Got a dedicated menu for Christmas, Sunday lunch, or an early-bird special? We’ve got your back, and you can switch seamlessly between them all with our dashboard.

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