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The Castlebar
The Heathcock Cardiff

Game changing solution which increases profitability and will revolutionise the industry and the way that guests order in hospitality settings

“ServedUp’s mobile order to table and payment solution was very complementary to our plans to introduce a takeaway service and also to diversify and open our new back garden area and Oyster Bar. We are very pleased with how quickly our customers have taken to it. We can't wait to be fully operational again to really put the system through its paces!”


Increasing Revenue by 30% at Hawks Nest, London

The ease of ordering is directly associated with consumption rates. We estimate that our spend per head is 30% higher than it would be if we did not use ServedUp.

The customer experience is also improved dramatically as speed of service is maximised and often guests comment on how quickly their drinks are served. Customers are more likely to order another round of drinks if they know that it will only take a few minutes.

The Castlebar

Significantly reduce staff costs and transaction fees at The Castlebar, London

Before ServedUp, the Castlebar's order and payment process needed too much contact between staff and customers, for example the use of shared menus, manual face-to-face order taking, handling cash payments or passing a hand-held card payment terminal to the customer, and so forth. 

That’s why the team decided they needed a new system that could: 

  • Limit face-to-face contact between staff and customers
  • Replace physical menus with online menus
  • Let customers order and pay from their own tables without having to handle any shared payment equipment 
  • Cut costs as much as possible

Reduce Cost + Increase Spend Per head at Heathcock, Cardiff

In addition to keeping loyal customers happy during lockdown by offering takeaway, ServedUp’s mobile order to table and payment solution was very complementary to the Heathcock’s plans to diversify and open their new back garden area and Oyster Bar by:

  • limiting the need for face-to-face contact between staff and customers
  • replacing physical menus with online menus 
  • letting customers order and pay from their own tables reducing wait time and therefore increasing spend
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Maximise Revenue and Decrease Cost with ServedUp