The Marquee - Surrey Students Union

How University of Surrey Students’ Union managed to reopen and increase revenue by 30% by switching to ServedUp

On a busy Friday night the University of Surrey Students’ Union were faced with a serious problem when their mobile order to table solution suddenly 'went down' right in the middle of trade - resulting in nearly £10k in lost revenue in a single evening and a huge amount of stress for venue staff and frustration for customers. An early Saturday morning switch to ServedUp (which took less than 8 hours from start to finish) saved the remainder of the weekend’s trading.

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“Friday night at approximately 20:30. I'm deflated, defeated, out of ideas and we have a full venue. My mobile ordering system had been down for over an hour and the company I was using had no answers or solutions. By chance Charlie Baron from ServedUp had sent me a LinkedIn message a few days before. Out of ideas I picked myself off the floor and I dropped him a message to see if we could get anything in place for Monday. Charlie replied to me Saturday morning at 08:37 and 8 hours later we had ServedUp in place here at the University of Surrey Students Union, set up and ready to open the doors. I don't have any words that express how grateful I am for the quick turn around and the excellent customer service. Wait times and order issues are down, staff are happy and it's a better experience for our customers.”

Happy Students at The Marquee

University of Surrey Students'​ Union - The Marquee

The University of Surrey has a vibrant community and nightlife scene, catering for a diverse range of tastes. A collaboration between The University of Surrey and the Students’ Union has meant they have been able to launch The Marquee. The Marquee at the University of Surrey Students union is a private, 700-capacity, Covid-secure day and night venue. It is one of the UK’s largest Covid-secure student venues with a range of exciting entertainment on offer.


Why The Marquee needed ServedUp

As detailed in James’ testimonial above, the student union already had a mobile order to table solution in place at The Marquee. Unfortunately there was an ongoing issue with reliability and the order system let them down in the middle of a busy shift. Despite contacting technical support they were not able to get the system back up and running.
Faced with the possibility of having to shut the venue for the entire weekend, The Marquee’s intrepid venue manager sprung into action to find a suitable replacement.

The challenge was how to replace their system with a new mobile to order solution that had all the required functionality, was reliable, economical, and to do so - FAST.
So, that was the problem — and ServedUp had the solution.

Sidenote on reliability: As a SaaS business we know and understand that technical glitches do occur - but we take pride in knowing that as of launch ServedUp has a track record of 99.9% uptime. Any problems that occur, our UK-based technology and customer success teams will move mountains to fix.



How ServedUp ticked all the right boxes

Realising how urgent and important it was to get ServedUp in place quickly, our team mobilised and got to work. At The Up Company we take pride in our can-do attitude and this was another great example where our onboarding team did not disappoint!

  • 99.9% Service Uptime

  • Reduce Customer Waiting Time

  • Increase Revenue

99.9% Service Uptime - our system works

Since launching ServedUp has handled all of our venue partner’s order volume without interruption or downtime in service. Our customer support team is on hand to assist with any issues and we take serious pride in our ability to help our customers overcome problems as and when they arise.

Under 15 minutes average time to serve (down from 45 to 90 mins!)

The Marquee is a big venue with up to 700 covers and as many as 22 bar staff on shift on busy nights . With the previous mobile to order solution (when it was working) the wait time could be 45 to 90 mins in some cases - resulting in some very thirsty students.

With ServedUp we were delighted to be informed by James the venue manager that in the first days of trading, the average wait time was down to 15mins or less using ServedUp!

Increase Spend Per Head by 30%

The ease of ordering, combined with a reduced wait time, is directly associated with order volume. We estimate that our spend per head is 30% higher than it would be if venues did not use ServedUp. The customer experience is also improved dramatically as speed of service is maximised and often guests comment on how quickly their drinks are served. Customers are more likely to order another round of drinks if they know that it will only take a few minutes. Another great benefit is that due to reduced wait time “last orders” can be pushed back allowing for a larger trading window!


The UK’s leading Order & Pay Solution

On the day our rapid onboarding with a dedicated Customer Success Manager provided:

  • x6 ServedUp Touchscreen terminals, all to be used on their 22 person bar team 
  • Digital Menu fully set up within 4 hrs
  • QR codes on each table leading to the ServedUp web app
  • Food truck also online with ServedUp 
  • Fully up and running in 8 hours from start to finish!

Free ServedUp Terminals worth £150 each when you Sign Up*

*£150 hardware cost refunded after 1000 transactions