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The Castlebar

How The Castlebar increased orders by implementing ServedUp

In this case study we share how we helped The Castlebar in London increase their orders, cut costs, and deliver a quicker service — all during the venue’s trickiest time.


“The ServedUp team were very helpful in getting us set up. The staff love using the system, and we were delighted to see some of our customers having great fun sending surprise orders to their friends’ tables!”

The Castlebar

Introducing The Castlebar

The Castlebar is a popular independent gastropub in West London, known for its varied and high-quality menu that changes with the seasons. It also offers a wide selection of wines, beers, spirits, cocktails, too.  

The venue attracts an eclectic mix of customers — ranging from young people to seniors, and football fans to families, which is reflected in its warm and welcoming atmosphere.


Why The Castlebar needed ServedUp

When Covid hit, it became clear that The Castlebar’s traditional restaurant POS system was not able to provide the functionality needed to operate under strict social distancing guidelines.

The pandemic required The Castlebar — along with every other hospitality business — to completely shift gears. Before ServedUp, their order and payment process needed too much contact between staff and customers, for example the use of shared menus, manual face-to-face order taking, handling cash payments or passing a hand-held card payment terminal to the customer, and so forth. 

That’s why the team decided they needed a new system that could: 

  • Limit face-to-face contact between staff and customers
  • Replace physical menus with online menus
  • Let customers order and pay from their own tables without having to handle any shared payment equipment 
  • Cut costs as much as possible 

They also wanted a system that could maximise spend per head, as they needed to make up for lost revenue during lockdown and for (eventually) operating at a reduced capacity. 

So, that was the problem — and ServedUp had the solution. 


ServedUp Order & Pay Solution

2 QR Codes per table

3 x ServedUp Terminal with Printer (1 in Kitchen, 2 at Bar)

ServedUp Mobile Order & Pay Web App

ServedUp Account Manager & Onboarding Team

Screenshot 2021-02-12 at 18.51.51

How ServedUp ticked all the right boxes

ServedUp gives pubs, restaurants and bars a way to let customers order and pay directly from their own tables, without having to download an app or interact with staff. 

This is not only ideal for preventing the spread of Covid-19, but also helps businesses to increase spend per head by up to 30% by giving customers a unique and convenient ordering experience. That’s why The Castlebar was so excited to work with us, just before reopening their doors in summer 2020 after the first lockdown. 

Our system was custom-built for tackling the challenges they were facing, and we were really keen to show them why. We met with them, walked them through a trial, and answered any questions they had. 

They were instantly impressed, and wanted to move things forward — and at a pretty fast pace, too. This was no problem for us, as ServedUp can be set-up in around 30 minutes and doesn’t require much staff training, at all. 

Since we set them up, the day before they reopened, ServedUp has helped The Castlebar to:

  • Significantly reduce staff costs and transaction fees 
  • Capture all orders in one, easy-to-use platform 
  • Maximise spend per head 
  • Make sure that all customers have paid (payments are made instantly as part of the order process)
  • Follow all social distancing and safety rules 

All in all, ServedUp has given The Castlebar one less thing to worry about in a time that’s been filled with worry. 

And the best bit? Our system hasn’t just helped The Castlebar navigate Covid-19, but has also given it the tools it needs for the future. With ServedUp, it can manage more customers, earn more revenue, and stay ahead of the curve with a payment system that meets modern demands.


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