Increased Spend Per Head While Reducing Staff Costs

Through deploying ServedUp as the sole means of ordering and paying, the Hawks Nest were able to streamline processes, reduce time to serve and increase revenues by up to 30%.

“The ease of ordering is directly associated with consumption rates. We estimate that our spend per head is 30% higher than it would be if we did not use ServedUp. The customer experience is also improved dramatically as speed of service is maximised and often guests comment on how quickly their drinks are served”

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Hawks Nest, London

The yard at Shepherd’s Bush Market has been transformed into The Hawk’s Nest, a 200-cover space from Bird House London (run by Wil Fuller of Hippo Inns & Soho House and Frazer Timmerman of Incipio Group). You can feast on stonebaked sourdough pizzas, with the fully stocked bar pouring fresh fruit margs, spritzers, frozen cocktails, rosé wines and Camden Town Brewery beers. 


Increase revenue, reduce time to serve & lower staff costs

  • Increase Revenue

  • Reduce Waiting Time

  • Lower Staff Costs

  • 300% Upsell Increase

Increase Spend Per Head by 30%

The ease of ordering is directly associated with consumption rates. We estimate that our spend per head is 30% higher than it would be if we did not use ServedUp. The customer experience is also improved dramatically as speed of service is maximised and often guests comment on how quickly their drinks are served. Customers are more likely to order another round of drinks if they know that it will only take a few minutes.

Under 2 minutes average time to serve

Through streamlining the order & pay solution customers are able to order immediately when they arrive. Our staff are then assigned to either pour drinks or run tables - this process speeds up service with no time wasted taking orders and splitting bills.

The Hawks Nest were able to consistently keen serve time under 2 minutes even during the busiest days. 

The ServedUp solution cuts out this awkwardness when customers pay as they go which improves customer experience and resolves a commonplace social inconvenience.

Labour margin reduced to 12% of turnover

As operators, a key priority in our business strategy was to ensure reduced labour costs to increase profitability. With ServedUp this is achieved as waiting staff must only run drinks to the table and clear glassware. After the implementation of ServedUp, at times our bar & FOH labour margin was as low as 12% as a percentage of turnover.  

Staff do not take orders at the table which requires experience (and often higher rates of pay), they also do not have to spend time inputting orders at an EPOS terminal where mistakes are often made unless staff are experienced and well trained.

Increase in upsells side dishes by 300% 

Through deploying the UpSell feature the Hawks Nest were able to increase the sales of high margin side dishes such as Calamari and Aranchini by over 300%.

Customers are very receptive to purchasing a side dish alongside drinks.


ServedUp Order & Pay Solution

2 QR Codes per table

3 x ServedUp Terminal with Printer (1 in Kitchen, 2 at Bar)

ServedUp Mobile Order & Pay Web App

ServedUp Account Manager & Onboarding Team


Read the full case study below:

How The Hawk’s Nest achieved a 30% increase in spend per head by implementing order to table

In this case study, we’ll be breaking down how we helped The Hawk’s Nest cut their costs, maximise order values, and dramatically speed up service — all during COVID-19. 

But first, some key stats… 

With ServedUp, The Hawk’s Nest was able to:

  • Increase spend per head by 30%
  • Decrease labour costs by 25%
  • Cut down the average drinks order turnaround to just 2 minutes (even at peak time)
  • Increase side dish upsells by 300% 

Let’s dig a little deeper. 

Introducing The Hawk’s Nest

Situated in a transformed and once forgotten corner of Shepherd’s Bush Market, The Hawk’s Nest is a bespoke, 200-cover outdoor bar and restaurant in the heart of West London. 

Owned by Wil Fuller (of Hippo Inns & Soho House) and Frazer Timmerman (of Incipio Group), this hidden gem specialises in sourdough pizzas, frozen cocktails, fresh fruit margaritas, and Camden Town Brewery beers. 

It’s also known for its rotating artwork and weekly live music events, which attract a diverse and varied crowd, ranging from jazz-lovers to club-goers. 

The challenge: Why The Hawk’s Nest needed an innovative solution for ordering and payments 

Having worked in some of the biggest and most popular venues in London, Wil and Frazer were well aware of the pros and cons of different ordering systems. 

They knew that table service was the best way to maximise spend per head and guarantee positive customer service. But they also knew that the need for highly trained staff, as well as recurring issues, like bill splitting and long wait times, were far from ideal. 

They were aware that bar service, on the other hand, would be great for cutting staff costs and avoiding the inconvenience of bill splitting, but wouldn’t be so great for optimising order values and overall customer experience. 

So, when the pair decided to open The Hawk’s Nest, they wanted a system that could fuse the best of both approaches — one that lets customers order from their tables, but removed the need for staff and avoided bill splitting. 

Opening in July 2020, they also needed a system that could be adapted to COVID-19, in terms of cutting down face-to-face contact and making social distancing possible. 

The pandemic wasn’t their main motivation, however. They had seen innovative ordering and payments systems implemented elsewhere and knew it was the future of hospitality — with or without coronavirus. 

That’s why, before opening their doors, they set out to find a mobile ordering and payment system that could make their vision of a simpler, customer-led dining experience a reality. 

And that’s where ServedUp came in. 

The solution: How ServedUp ticked all the right boxes

By implementing ServedUp, it meant Wil and Frazer could open The Hawk’s Nest and hit the ground running, right from the start. 

With our system, they were able to sit guests at their tables, and let them order directly from their mobile devices by scanning a QR code. This then brings up a digital menu, from which guests can instantly pay for food and drink, via Apple Pay or their bank card. 

Once an order has been registered, order cheques are printed straight to the bar and kitchen, where they’re then made and taken to tables by staff. All without any unnecessary (and time-consuming) interactions, along the way. 

This straightforward and easy ordering process has helped The Hawk’s Nest meet its core goals, all despite the challenges posed by COVID-19. In fact, ServedUp largely mitigated the risks of the virus, as it lessened the need for physical contact across the venue. 

The results: How ServedUp positively impacted The Hawk’s Nest

Wil and Frazer tell us that the ease of ordering with ServedUp has directly impacted guest consumption rates. Their spend per head is 30% higher than what it would be if they didn’t use our payment and ordering system. 

And that’s because of two reasons:

  1. service is so much quicker, which encourages more orders, and
  2.  side dish upsells have surged by over 300%, thanks to our designated upsell feature! 

The higher spend per head is also the result of a slicker, more streamlined dining experience — particularly in terms of letting customers pay as they go, which is far more convenient than having to split the bill. 

In terms of ServedUp’s impact on The Hawk’s Nest profit, it has kept staff costs to no more than 12% of turnover, which has made profitability far easier to achieve. In addition ServedUp is currently the most cost effective mobile order to table solution for venues in the UK. 

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