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How The Heathcock implemented takeaway with ServedUp

In this case study, we’ll be breaking down how we helped The Heathcock, a bustling neighbourhood restaurant and pub in Cardiff, adapt to difficult Covid guidelines, set up takeaway ordering for their world-famous limited edition pies and to implement mobile order to table in a new back garden seating area.

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“ServedUp’s mobile order to table and payment solution was very complementary to our plans to introduce a takeaway service and also to diversify and open our new back garden area and Oyster Bar. We are very pleased with how quickly our customers have taken to it. We can't wait to be fully operational again to really put the system through its paces!”

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Introducing The Heathcock

The Heathcock is a Michelin Plate-winning gastropub that’s been at the heart of the local community for more than 100 years. 

From warm sourdough bread to homemade pasta and scrumptious pies, the venue specialises in fresh, local food that’s made on-site, every day. It’s also known for its great ales, interesting wines, seasonal drinks, and delicious bar snacks. 

Before ServedUp, The Heathcock was using a traditional restaurant PoS system that was no longer fit for purpose.


Why The Heathcock needed ServedUp

When the coronavirus pandemic hit in 2020, The Heathcock quickly discovered that it had a problem: its payment and ordering system was holding it back from operating in a Covid-secure way. 

The first problem occurred in lockdown, when The Heathcock realised that it didn’t have a clear or easy way to manage takeaway orders. Its previous system was designed for in-house ordering only, which made running a takeaway service very difficult. 

This was a real concern, as, without a fully-functioning takeaway system, The Heathcock risked losing even more customers during difficult periods of lockdown. 

Things became even more challenging, however, when The Heathcock was able to re-open for business, post-lockdown. It found that its previous system made it difficult to enforce the necessary safety precautions, as it:

  • Relied on constant face-to-face interactions between staff and customers  
  • Required physical menus, which could spread the virus
  • Led to a crowded bar, as customers queued to pay for drinks 

It wasn’t just Covid that created the need for a new payment and ordering system

During downtime, The Heathcock began to make plans to diversify and open an additional bar and grill in their garden — adding around 160 covers to their overall capacity. 

For this to work successfully, the business needed a system that could offer:

  • Mobile table ordering to reduce pressure on staff 
  • Mobile payment to avoid outside customers having to wait
  • A digitally-integrated experience for the extra 160 garden covers, to remove the need for more members of staff

This way, The Heathcock could achieve its expansion goals, without significantly increasing its staffing costs. 

Combined with the demands of Covid-19, these requirements confirmed the need for a new, digital-first solution that protected staff, optimised their workflows, and saved money.  

And then, in came ServedUp: an end-to-end order and payment system that does just that...


ServedUp Order & Pay Solution

2 QR Codes per table

3 x ServedUp Terminal with Printer (1 in Kitchen, 2 at Bar)

Digital Menu with Takeaway Preorder

ServedUp Mobile Order & Pay Web App

ServedUp Account Manager & Onboarding Team

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How ServedUp ticked all the right boxes

Takeaway during lockdown (and after it):
By implementing ServedUp the Heathcock were able to quickly and efficiently set up takeaway ordering. As a much loved gastropub well-known for the quality of their food, this allowed the Heathcock to stay relevant and connected to their loyal customers in an otherwise crowded takeaway marketplace. 

Mobile order to table for reopening post lockdown:

In addition to keeping loyal customers happy during lockdown by offering takeaway, ServedUp’s mobile order to table and payment solution was very complementary to the Heathcock’s plans to diversify and open their new back garden area and Oyster Bar by:

  • limiting the need for face-to-face contact between staff and customers
  • replacing physical menus with online menus 
  • letting customers order and pay from their own tables reducing wait time and therefore increasing spend

The Heathcock are now very much looking forward to a full reopening of their amazing pub and restaurant.


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