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How The Old Mill increased orders by implementing ServedUp

In this case study, we’ll be exploring how we helped The Old Mill navigate Covid-19 by implementing a takeaway service with our all-in-one mobile ordering solution.

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“ServedUp has been really great at helping us introduce a takeaway order system. Getting started couldn’t have been easier — the team went above and beyond, and we were ready-to-go in less than a week. It's very simple to use, customers and staff alike find it very intuitive and straightforward. Whilst lockdown has prevented us using the order to table system fully so far, we can’t wait to see it properly in action when we finally get back up and running without restrictions!”

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Introducing The Old Mill

The Old Mill in Durham is a family-run gastropub and 12 room B&B in the heart of the North East countryside. It’s known for its warm atmosphere, family-friendliness, and three stylish dining areas fit for any occasion. 

The venue is a go-to for local families, commuters, and long-time regulars alike.


Why The Old Mill needed a customer-first payment and ordering tool

When Covid-19 hit, The Old Mill had a problem: its previous ordering and payment system simply wasn’t robust or flexible enough for the challenges ahead. 

It couldn’t properly manage or process takeaway orders, which would prevent it from bringing in much-needed money during lockdown — and, after lockdown, it would make following Covid restrictions and changes in customer behaviour far too difficult. 

All because it required constant face-to-face contact between staff and customers, as well as high numbers of staff, which would eat into already very tight profit margins. 

It also didn’t make for an ideal customer experience. Bill splitting, for example, was often a problem, as were long wait times in peak periods. This wasn’t optimal in an era where impressing guests and maximising spend per head was key to survival. 

That’s why The Old Mill set out to find an all-in-one ordering and payment solution that could: 

  1. Serve as an easy-to-use takeaway management system
  2. Let guests order and pay via their mobile phones, without the need for any staff 
  3. Create a seamless dining experience that would encourage higher order values 

One of the biggest challenges the venue faced was finding a system that didn’t just tick those boxes, but also appealed to their older, less tech-savvy guests who represented a large chunk of their customer base. 

They had used a mobile ordering and payment system before, which had alienated this group, as it required guests to download an app to their phones. This created a whole host of problems and over-complicated the ordering process.


ServedUp Order & Pay Solution

2 QR Codes per table

3 x ServedUp Terminal with Printer (1 in Kitchen, 2 at Bar)

Digital Menu with Takeaway Preorder

ServedUp Mobile Order & Pay Web App

ServedUp Account Manager & Onboarding Team

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How ServedUp ticked all the right boxes

Thanks to ServedUp, The Old Mill was able to increase its takeaway orders by 50%, reopen its doors after the first lockdown without a hitch, and gain more customers in the process — all whilst keeping costs down, maximising spend per head, and increasing upsell.

Thankfully, when The Old Mill found ServedUp, they knew they were able to solve each of their problems with one solution. 

With our system, they could not only manage takeaway orders with our off-site ordering feature. But, they could also give guests a way to easily send and pay for their orders on their mobile phones by scanning a QR code — not downloading an app. 

This allowed the venue to run a takeaway service during lockdown (in a safe way) and introduce customers to an easy-to-use ordering system.

By cutting costs and opening up new, COVID-secure revenue streams, ServedUp has given The Old Mill a lifeline in its hardest period to date.

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